data education in colleges

Data Education in colleges

data education in colleges

Data Education in Colleges

We are incredibly proud to have taught such a diverse range of students, and no more so than our friends from Ukraine.

student stories

The comments we’ve had from some of our Ukrainian students that we have helped in some small way for them to integrate into their newly found home is nothing short of humbling.

All we do is to try and put our courses together as imaginatively as possible, and if that has helped in some small way to welcome our Ukrainian friends to Scotland, the we couldn’t be prouder.

All courses are fully funded and designed to fit around your lives.

examples of work from previous students

Nataliia V

Great thanks to Data Education in Colleges, who taught me through Access to Industry for the opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge in the Data Science field. Especially, I would like to express my gratitude to my teacher Rik Weightman and coordinator David Hiddleston. They are passionate about what they do and engage students effectively. The PDA Data Science course, Level 7, is full of practical lessons and information related to real-life job requirements. To pass the course, you must prepare a Power BI project, which is an absolutely thoughtful approach to building students' confidence in their capacity to analyse data, create an interactive and insightful report, and be competitive in the job market. The course has driven my development and growth. I think that Data Education in Colleges has done a remarkable job.

Nataliia V - Data and digital innovation - scqf 7

Nataliia thought she’d compare the Gender Pay Gap in her home country of Ukraine to that of the UK. She’s broken it down by Age, Industry, Occupation and Region, and has kindly given us the permission to publish it here as an example.

Iryna d.

I utterly enjoyed the course and am grateful for the friendly support and encouragement from Rik Weightman and David Hiddleston. Their guidance was instrumental in helping me gain valuable knowledge and skills, especially in working through the final project using Power BI, which helped us dive into real-world data. The experience has been enriching and has significantly prepared me for my future career in data science

Iryna d - Data and digital innovation - scqf 7

Iryna’s investigation was into foreign nationals from Ukraine and other countries, their placement into various countries and finally the barriers to employment which the migrants from Ukraine have identified

courses and applications

We have data and digital skills courses from SCQF Level 3 through to SCQF Level 8.

For those of you new to the SCQF system, SCQF Level 7 is equivalent to the first year of university.


The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) Level 7 is comparable to a Higher National Certificate (HNC) or the first year of a university degree in Scotland. In Ukraine, the educational structure follows the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), and SCQF Level 7 is directly equivalent to EQF Level 5.

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data education in colleges

Ukrainian Phrases

We are world famous in Scotland for being a welcoming nation, so the interactive presentation enclosed will allow you to learn a few words and phrases in Ukranian to welcome our new friends

Sqa Certified courses from scqf level 3 to scqf level 8

data education in colleges
data education in colleges

short courses from 2 hours to 8 hours in a range of microsoft applications