#seven minute sessions


new for 2024

At Data Education in Colleges we thought we’d try something new….

Our thoughts on creating the range of #sevenminutesessions are that:

1) you’re all busy

2) there are so many instances of unnecessary duplication of paperwork across ALL organisations and

3) Microsoft can help…


All of our #sevenminutesessions have been produced in short self-directed video format. The videos typically last between 1 and 2 minutes, and should take you no longer than 7 minutes to put into action.



data education in colleges



All of our #sevenminutesessions have been released under a Creative Commons licence – please use / share as you wish.

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microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 has so many ‘hidden gems’ that will make your life easier….


But it’s SO much more than just saving time.


The unnecessary duplication of data… sending and replying of emails backwards and forwards etc… this is where mistakes happen.


Let Microsoft take care of this… and get back to using your time more productively.


Each of our short, sharp, to-the-point tutorials has a 1 minute survey at the end.

This is the ONLY thing we’d ask you to do. 

The materials are all open-source and Creative Commons, but if you would be so kind as to complete the survey at the end of each video, we can track engagement and improve where necessary.


auto-collect your data with forms

data education in colleges

auto-collect with forms

automate your calendar bookings

data education in colleges

automate your calendar

Sqa Certified courses from scqf level 3 to scqf level 8

data education in colleges
data education in colleges

short courses from 2 hours to 8 hours in a range of microsoft applications