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David has a rich experience as a professional educator and leader who has spent over thirty years acquiring expertise in the field of educational and vocational training.


Currently, he works as a Curriculum Portfolio Manager at the Data Driven Innovation Skills Gateway Project. The latter is a vital part of the Edinburgh and Southeast Scotland City Region Deal’s work on skills. Importantly, this project aims to develop data literacy skills in the region’s residents to adapt to future job requirements and experiment with new skill acquisition approaches with a view to secure equality of opportunity across the full range of the region’s demography. Thus, David’s tasks include cooperation with the colleagues from Borders, Fife, Edinburgh, and West Lothian colleges to manage project implementation and efficient use of monetary funds. 


Furthermore, his vast work experience was used by the Scottish Qualification Authority, and he was appointed as a Qualification Verifier. In this capacity, he ensures the quality and standards of Qualifications within Computing, Core Skills, Data Science, Digital Literacy, and ICT. This job was preceded by a role of a Curriculum Leader at Edinburgh College, where David played a key role in incorporating vocational learning and employability skills into the curriculum to meet industry requirements. Moreover, his experience is not limited to the UK, as his team once developed a project with the University of Delhi to enhance digital skills through media and animation courses.


Additionally, David has received a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert award, which recognizes the educator has high expertise in using technology to promote excellent education. Finally, he has also participated in the devolvement of a Next Generation Award in Computing at SQA. Thus, David’s career is marked by strong leadership and innovation involvement in education, and he has made a great contribution to the curriculum development, education technology, and skill development in line with industry requirements

data education in colleges


data education in colleges
Rik weightman




Rik Weightman is a Digital Skills and Data Science lecturer with Data Education in Colleges, based in the Scottish Borders. Rik has a wide range of experiences that he uses to enrich his multiple teaching positions, always working on integrating the essential systems of digital and data science in the curriculum from SCQF 3 to 8.


He has a diversified background in responsive web design/development, customer-sales/marketing, and digital imaging, spending over 25 years in sales and marketing, working with Adobe Photoshop and other Adobe Creative Cloud applications. His technical skills include HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PHP/MySQL, Python, and Swift for iOS, learned from both formal education and independent study. He has also spent time running a web design business, a driving taxi service, and managing a bar.


His roles have always involved instructing and educating, be it in wine tasting, cocktail training, colour training using Paul Mitchell, or at college. His lifelong learning education is also a factor attested to by his current studies in interactive media. Rik reflects on the position at Edinburgh College as the most outstanding job he has had, showing unparalleled enthusiasm for teaching skills to the future generation. His methodology is hands-on and pragmatic, helping him produce competent adults for the job market.



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Data Science and Digital Skills are more than just an optional extra.. To quote Mark Zuckerberg “In fifteen years we’ll be teaching programming just like reading and writing and wondering why we didn’t do it sooner”


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data education in colleges
data education in colleges

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