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data education in colleges

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data education in colleges

Unique Data Science opportunity for 5th and 6th year pupils


Having piloted a trial of this option, we are delighted to be able to open up a unique 2 level course designed for 5th and 6th year pupils in the Edinburgh and Lothians area.


Starting in August 2024, we will be offering a fast-track SCQF Level 6 and 7 option which will give you the opportunity to progress straight into a degree at University.

This course is specifically for S5 and S6 learners attending School.

The field of Data Science combines digital and data skills, specific knowledge about a particular topic or subject area, and numeracy skills to extract insights and knowledge from data.


The ability to identify the problem to solve, the correct data to use, carry out the analysis and then implement the outcome requires the three areas mentioned above to be brought together.


Data Science is becoming essential to how we live, learn and work. It is all about how we turn those insights extracted from data into actions. Many people are keen to learn more and understand this topic, and more employers are seeking applicants with experience in Data Science.


Using the knowledge and skills from this course will help you to develop in your current or future job role.


The course has an 18-week structure and is guided by lecturer support via in-person and online learning.


Upon successfully achieving this course, you will attain a National Progression Award in Data Science at SCQF level 6. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to advance to the Professional Development Award in Data Science at SCQF level 7, beginning in January 2025.


Semester One – August 2024 to December 2024

data education in colleges
data education in colleges

NPA ( National Progression Award ) in Data Science at SCQF Level 6

SQA Certified Units:


  • Data Science
  • Data Citizenship
  • Data Science Project

Semester two– january 2025 to june 2025*

data education in colleges
data education in colleges

PDA (Professional Development Award) in Data Science at SCQF Level 7

SQA Certified Units:


  • Working with Data
  • Communicating with Data
  • Data Science Project

*progressing to the Level 7 PDA is dependent upon achieving the NPA in Semester One

student spotlights

data education in colleges
PDA Level 7 Data Science is a course that's very relevant to this modern age of both technological and human advancement. I find the course quite contemporary and very useful if you not only want to increase your awareness for the exponentially increasing popularity of Data, but to also teach yourself relevant skills that could boost your businesses' profitability, value, compliance with current trends and standards, and reputation. I truly would recommend this course to anyone seeking to harness their data skills, and what's very eye-catching is that the course is fully funded! Freebies!"
Iftikhar Ali
Edinburgh College | Tynecastle High School
Alex leary
I'm 17, and this year was pretty exciting for me. I got to dive into data science while also working on my Scottish Highers, thanks to the Schools College Partnership. I have achieved both the National Progression Award at SCQF Level 6 and the Professional Development Award at SCQF Level 7 in Data Science. It’s a big deal because usually, students don’t get to finish these levels in just one year. The courses were great, focusing on both theory and real-world application, which is super important in the fast-changing world of data science. I stayed committed, and with my teachers' support, I passed everything on time. Now, I’m starting a full-time course for the National Certificate in Computing. This journey shows that intense, accelerated learning can work well and should be an option for other motivated students too.
Alex Leary
Edinburgh College | Penicuik High School
data education in colleges

Both courses have a unique and flexible approach to both learning and assessment. All theoretical evidence will be built up holistically, with all the practical evidence being gathered within one all-encompassing project.


For further details or to apply for this unique opportunity, see the button at the top of this page.