data education in colleges

data in 3 words


data education in colleges

The initiative “DataIn3Words” outlines a promotional campaign focused on enhancing data literacy and skills. It appeals to partners to support the initiative by engaging with and spreading its digital content, which showcases the relevance and versatility of data skills across various professions. The campaign’s primary aim is to demystify data skills, emphasise their accessibility, and encourage sign-ups for data science courses to address the demand for skilled personnel in the data industry.


Campaign Overview

data education in colleges

#datain3 words




The campaign revolves around the hashtag #DataIn3Words and features social media “cut videos” intended to inspire people to explore and develop their data skills. These videos are shared across major social platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter (or ‘X’ if you prefer), and YouTube. Partners are encouraged to actively participate by sharing, commenting, and reposting the content to increase engagement.


Social Media Activities

data education in colleges

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Specific actions requested from partners include:


  • Engaging with posts that tag the partners on LinkedIn and X (formerly Twitter).
  • Sharing video content on their social media channels, with the freedom to adapt the provided copy to better fit their ongoing projects.
  • Using campaign-specific hashtags (#DataIn3Words and #DataSkillsGateway) to enhance visibility.
  • Encouraging followers to explore data courses available through provided links.

Content and Resources

You’ll find direct links to specific posts on LinkedIn and Twitter (X), along with a YouTube video link.


Additionally, you’ll find  a WeTransfer link to download three versions of the promotional videos, catering to different age groups (17 and under, 18 and over, and a combined version). Each video comes with suggested copy tailored to highlight the impact of data skills on various professional pathways.

data education in colleges
data education in colleges

Key Features and Participants

The campaign highlights testimonials from several professionals who share their insights on the utility of data skills in their fields. Notable mentions include:

  • Alison Chiwara, Founder and CEO of Human-Focused Ltd.
  • Manira Ahmad, Chief Officer for Public Health Scotland.
  • Jamie Grace Jefferson, Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder of Equator.
  • Kevin Guyan, Writer & Researcher at LGBTQ data.
  • Steph Robertson-Hogg, Business Intelligence Analyst at Data-Driven Innovation Initiative.
  • Rosie Eccleston, Data Scientist at Smart Data Foundry.

These individuals contribute to the narrative that data skills are crucial across diverse industries and can significantly enhance career trajectories.


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How You Can Support:

Our social media posts promoting the videos are live.

Please feel free to comment, share and repost to boost engagement.


Direct links to the posts are below- click the LinkedIn icons




twitter posts

How You Can Support:

Our social media posts promoting the videos are live.

Please feel free to comment, share and repost to boost engagement.


Direct links to the posts are below – click the Twitter icons




Contact Details and Further Information

data education in colleges
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For further information, partners and interested parties are directed to visit the Data-Driven Innovation (DDI) website, specifically the page dedicated to people engagement 

The Data Skills Gateway logo will link you to the relevant page.


This page provides additional details on the courses and opportunities facilitated by the initiative

data education in colleges


The campaign leverages digital media and partner networks to promote data literacy, aiming to equip individuals with the necessary skills to thrive in data-driven roles.


By aligning with educational institutions and industry leaders, the initiative seeks to create a robust pathway into data careers, benefiting individuals and employers alike.


The active participation of partners is deemed crucial in reaching a broader audience and achieving the campaign’s objectives.