28th November 2022

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We are super-excited to announce that Access to Industry and Edinburgh College won the Skills Development Award at CDN’s College Awards on Friday 25 November – marking the biggest Scottish College Awards ever.

The award was for the Data Skills: Learning in Life and Work, in recognition of the portfolio of data courses which support unemployed people in Edinburgh and those on low incomes in gaining confidence in using digital techniques. The project is part of the Data Skills Gateway skills programme

The courses offer recognised digital and data qualifications: Data Skills (SCQF 3-4) and the National Progression Award (NPA) in Data Science (SCQF 4-6). Importantly, the learners are also supported by dedicated Caseworkers, who provide pastoral support in tackling any challenges along the way.

The programme has a high success rate, with 2021/22 seeing 88% reach SCQF level 3, 92% SCQF level 4, 85% SQCF level 5 and 100% at SQCF level 6.