Smoking UK vs Germany

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Smoking UK vs Germany

The Data Science with Data Security Level 5 were tasked with investigating one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. They were given a free reign over the topic itself and had to Plan, Develop and Evaluate their projects.
So many students picked subjects which were close to their hearts, and this one’s a belter….

Excerpt from the student’s Planning Stage:

Introduction to Sustainable Development Goals, a.k.a SDG-s

SDG-s are common goals set by The United Nations for all countries on Earth, to achieve by 2030.

Sustainable Development Goals are targets set out to make our world a better place by making changes that bring a sustainable and brighter future for all humans. An SDG can be ending poverty, or providing access to clean water or quality education for everyone. The countries accepted the fact that protecting the planet cannot happen without providing equal opportunities to the people who live on said planet. As an example, ending poverty must happen as a result of providing equal opportunities in accessing education. Improvement cannot happen in health and well-being without gender equality. Responsible consumption and production can only be a reality by applying innovations in the infrastructure and the industry sector. The way our society works – or humankind itself- can only survive if we see the connections between these goals and make the improvements a reality.

I will be investigating the topic “Smoking” which is part of the “Good health and Wellbeing” Sustainable Development Goal.

The datasets I’m going to be using are the following:

  • Support to help quit smoking 2007-2018 (Number of rows: 1365)
  • Affordability of cigarettes 2010-2020 (Number of rows: 1092 )
  • Enforcement of bans on tobacco advertising 2007-2018 (Number of rows: 1365)
  • Share of adults who smoke in 2000 vs. 2018 (Number of rows: 1368 )
  • Number of deaths from smoking in 1990 vs. 2019 (Number of rows: 8070)


I have chosen Smoking as a topic to investigate because it is a “phenomenon” I have never quite understood. I would like to gain insight into why is smoking still so popular amongst people all over the world, even though we all know how bad it is for our health, for the environment and for our finances. I would like to see the improvements and changes that the countries have made during the past few decades in order to liquidate smoking. It could also be a pun, because people tend to smoke liquids these days. Of course without the data for vaping we will never really get a proper picture about how bad the situation is. I’m a smoker myself and I hope I will find at least one more reason to quit.